Aid Distribution

Aid Distribution Group (ADG)

KICC believes it is important to be the hands and feet of Jesus and care for the refugee community in Kathmandu. For over 12 years, ADG has been collecting clothing and supplies, and providing community and support for over 20 families who have been displaced from their homelands.

Each refugee’s story is different. Here is one example from a an ADG family:

A Christian family in Pakistan opened a Senior Home to provide care for the elderly from all walks of faith. They were later falsely accused of trying to convert the elderly in their facility to Christianity. After the father and son were threatened at gunpoint, they were able to escape to Nepal with only the clothing on their backs. The family has now been refugees in Nepal for the 6 years. Unfortunately, refugees have no legal status and therefore, cannot legally work or have legal protection. Currently they are seeking resettlement abroad, but this is a long, difficult, and expensive process. In spite of the difficulties, this family trusts and rests in God, knowing that he will never leave them or forsake them, confident that he will care for them through this season.

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