There are several Mountain Biking groups that explore the Kathmandu Valley throughout the week. They generally meet at 6am on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and cycle around 1 to 1.5 hours. There are often longer rides and family rides exploring different parts of the valley. 

           There is a F3 group (Faith Fellowship Fitness) that meets on Monday and Friday at 6:30am. 
           It is fun, but pretty intense. Check to find out more about F3.

           Regular day-hikes are organized to explore various parts of the valley.
March 10  - Pharping, Champa Devi, Hattiban Loop (13km)
March 24  - Chandagiri to Lake Taudaha via White House (14km)
April 7       - West Shivapuri Loop (18km)
April 21     - Chisipani

 Please contact to get connected with any of these groups.